On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The second unmissable story in the SPECTRE trilogy.

There's no better time to rediscover James Bond.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of the terrorist organization SPECTRE, is holed up in his Alpine base, conducting research into a terrifying biological weapon.

007's mission is to gain access to Blofeld's icy retreat and gather information vital to guaranteeing world safety.

A new alliance with the troubled daughter of the head of the French mafia offers 007 the chance to bring down his nemesis once and for all — but will Bond be prepared to pay the ultimate price for victory?

'Bond is a hero for all time' Jeffrey Deaver

  • Format
  • paperback
  • Pages
  • 368
  • Language
  • english
  • ISBN
  • 978-0-09-957697-6
  • EAN
  • 9780099576976
  • Release date
  • 2012