In Search of a Character: two African Journals

In Search of A Character is a vivid portrait of Greene's Africa and provides a wonderful glimpse of the novelist responding to the raw material of his art. Two African notebooks record his travels in 1959, and his stay at the Yonda leper colony in the jungle which inspired the story for A Burnt-Out Case. Convoy to West Africa describes his voyage in a cargo boat during WW2, from Liverpool to Freetown, Sierra Leone, the setting for The Heart of the Matter.

  • Format
  • paperback
  • Pages
  • 106
  • Language
  • english
  • ISBN
  • 978-0-14-002822-5
  • EAN
  • 9780140028225
  • Genres
  • africa, travel, classics, autobiography, memoir
  • Release date
  • 1981