The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel

Lysandros Demetriou: shipping magnate and Athens' most-sought-after bachelor. Glamorous women compete for this brooding playboy's attention, but his focused ambitions ensure that they don't outstay their welcome!

Until Petra Radnor whirls into his life. Her beauty is a lure Lysandros cannot resist — she awakens something within him that he's kept hidden for years. When their scorching desire shows no sign of burning out, Lysandros has to decide whether his need for Petra is a temporary craving or a lifelong obsession....

  • Format
  • paperback
  • Pages
  • 185
  • Language
  • english
  • ISBN
  • 9780373527694
  • Genres
  • harlequin, romance
  • Release date
  • 2010