The ABS Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack ABS

The best-selling Abs Diet series continues with the perfect cookbook for anyone who wants to eat sensibly to get a flat, sculpted set of abdominals — but doesn't have a lot of time to cook

Tens of thousands of Americans have changed their bodies — and their lives — with the help of The Abs Diet, the New York Times bestseller from David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health(R) magazine. A key factor in the diet's success is the meal plan, with its healthy, great-tasting, easy recipes featuring the Abs Diet 12 Powerfoods. Now, to meet the demands of today's time-strapped society, Zinczenko and coauthor Ted Spiker present The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs to help readers make the right food choices — in less time than it takes to pick up a meal at a drive-thru.

The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs features:

- 101 6-minute recipes: fast and easy recipes like Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Smokehouse Salad, Summer Vegetable Couscous, and more

- the 12 Abs Diet Powerfoods, plus what makes them nutritional powerhouses and how they increase lean muscle mass and discourage storing fat

- shopping lists, appliance recommendations, and more

- a 7-day meal plan (for those who prefer not to mix-and-match)

- a bonus chapter with 60-minute Sunday creations and 15-minute meals when you have more time

This user-friendly cookbook is the perfect resource for followers of The Abs Diet as well as anyone who wants to change their body to improve their health, their looks, or their athletic performance.

  • Format
  • hardcover
  • Pages
  • 275
  • Language
  • english
  • ISBN
  • 9781594865466
  • Genres
  • reference, health, cookbooks
  • Release date
  • 2006